MBC production on Umar (rad)

MBC production on Umar (rad)

Assalamu alaikum dear sisters and brothers. Here is the series link promised, and a brief blurb about it taken from the longer post here

The series is about Umar, one of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) closest companions who at one time, wanted to kill him! He outlived the prophet (peace be upon him) by many years, and he lead the Muslim nation for much of that time. He died as he wished to die, martyred… it was also the first of many assassinations of the state’s head, the Muslim nation was to face. It is in 30 parts and I will post the first one below. You can youtube them all. It is a vast period in history to cover in 30 episodes and there is much to be commented on. But I don’t personally prefer to critique what is obviously a massive amount of work, except to say thanks for taking it on, thanks for the effort to make it as best as possible, and thanks for sharing it. So while there may be much to be improved upon, and much that has been left out or needs working on, it is a remarkable production and one of the most accurate ones out there in my amateur opinion.


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