A gift for the 27th night – reblogged from SuhaibWebb.com

Alhamdulilllah as promised, here is the du’a we made at our halaqa yesterday. May Allah accept it of us!

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah, peace be upon you and the love of Allah

All praise and thanks to Allah, the most high, the most great, the most loving, the most generous! We have entered the last ten blessed days of Ramadan. The days that will see ‘laylat-ul-qadr’ the night of power, when the Quran was first revealed. This is a night considered to be like a thousand months, blessed and exalted. Many special prayers are made on this night. We all try to not miss it (i.e., waste it by sleeping when we could be seeking Allah’s blessed face in prayer, meditation and contemplation).

On SuhaibWebb.com, a beautiful du’a (supplication) by Sheikh Muhammed Jibril was posted. I wanted to copy it below. The arabic recitation is beautiful and can be found at the link above.

Allah bless and protect you all and grant us the blessing of meeting laylat-ul-qadr


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