Sura Yusuf

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah,

By the rahma, barakah and hidaya of Allah azza wa’jal we have begun on reading Surat Yusuf in our Quran weekly class. Alhamdulillah! Here is sharing a youtube from Ustad Omar Sulaiman that has important lessons from Surah Yusuf (with thanks to our sister for sharing this), also a song from Dawud Wharnsby that celebrates this surah and finally a link to it’s beautiful recitation so its sounds can benefit our homes and hearts.

Allah bless you all


Alhamdulillah, nasheed by Dawud Wharnsby

MashaAllah we had a great session last Saturday, furthering our reading of Surah Al-Baqara. We covered the important story of the ‘heifer’ (small cow) that the sura is said to take it’s name from. A story full of lessons and depth, found in ayaath 59-74 of Sura Baqara.

During our discussion it came about that we mentioned this song by Dawud Wharnsby, referencing the fact that it was only the human who wanted free will, while all other creation (i.e., rocks, trees etc) chose not to have free will and spend their life in simple perfect worship. A worship manifested by them being what they are meant to be. I promised to post the song on the blog so here it is mashaAllah 🙂